Tips on how to present yourself better on Linkedin

July 20th, 2023

Of all social media platforms available, LinkedIn stands top in rating for professional networking and representation platform. The uniqueness in LinkedIn needs skills to rank your profile amongst many other candidates seeking or providing the same services. The need to achieve the best profile on LinkedIn has motivated this post.

There are specific areas that need special attention on LinkedIn. If you concentrate on these areas, you are on the path to boosting your presence on LinkedIn

  • Define yourself professionally.
  • Related content & Engagement
  • Achievement and assets
  • Skills and Interests
  • Ask for reviews and recommendations
  • Join and create links

Getting ready for professional links on LinkedIn

  1. Define Yourself Professionally.

The first thing that every employer and employee looks at is the profile of an individual. The profile includes the photo displayed, the name, and the about information. To be among those that attract a lot of visitors and viewership, one needs to define how they would wish to be addressed on this platform. If you are a company, put information that will define your company and vice versa for an individual profile. The profile image should capture what you desire as your first representation. In the case of a company, put a logo or the brand you want to get identified with. An individual professional portrait image identifies one as a serious individual. This will welcome new visitors to your page to start engagements.

  1. Related Content & Engagement

LinkedIn platform thrives from engagements in posts. Research in your area of interest and only expand with related content. Posting researched content will attract other professionals in the same field. Comments, likes, and sharing of your post are good signs of engagement. Check out individual profiles and create a network in the process. Include hashtags in your post to attract others who would relate to your post. Do not make them too wordy to attract consistent viewers. In posts necessitated to have videos, add captions to relate to a larger audience. Expand your content only to attract in areas you have an interest. Make the most professional to attract professional links.

  1. Achievements and assets.

To show credibility in claimed interest, it is to upload certifications and related information. Include attended seminars or events that relate to your profession. If you have pursued any professional course that offers certifications, mention them and upload certificates where possible. This attracts employers who might need your services in their organizations. Assets like Bachelor’s degrees and Masters or start-ups credit experience. Availing this information will pull professionals to your page. The viewership scope is also expanded through the institutions’ links you affiliate with.

  1. Skills and Interests

Just like in the Curriculum Vitae document, detailing your accumulative skills gives you an upper hand in being selected out of many others. Mention what you can do starting from the most to the least of skills. Employers are interested in an all-round individual to reduce the hiring of many people. Listing your interest will tell what kind of person you are to a stranger. Profiling yourself as a sociable personality will give you a network of similar people. For instance, if you are interested in swimming, you are more likely to see swimming classes, swimming competitions, life-saver job opportunities, etc. LinkedIn as a platform is different from other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This platform creates networks that will help in pushing career goals and objectives. Always make sure you present yourself for employment opportunities or link with like-minded individuals.

  1. Ask for Reviews and Recommendations

As a form of reference to your qualifications and experience, request other professional executives to write recommendations for you. Recommendations show that you can successfully work with others in a discipline. It also proves experience hands-on. In case you have offered services to clients who are on LinkedIn, ask them to write reviews on your performed task. Good reviews attract new clients while expanding your engagements. Do not fake in this area. Some people ask their friends to write good reviews for them without doing any services. This will only last a short while until someone trusts you with their tasks and you underdeliver. Remember honesty is a virtue that adds to credibility.

  1. Join and Create Links

While using LinkedIn, create groups that will compile professionals with the same interest. Being at the forefront of initiating engagements will push our leadership skills and make you a reference point. Having a group that discusses trends and improvements in a specified discipline keeps members of the group informed and able to progress in their careers. Join like-minded groups and create networking opportunities. Information and job opportunities are well circulated in groups to attract many applicants. This allows an employer to have the best within their selection. Every post is as important on LinkedIn, therefore, comment and engage as much as possible.

Following the 6 tips mentioned above will place your profile strategically for objectives you wish to achieve with LinkedIn. Remain consistent and professional in everything that you post. Always research and explore LinkedIn with an interest in the back of your mind. Remember your profile is the first judgment you expose to any potential associate. Package yourself in the way you would want to be addressed.