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GDG Cloud Nairobi

Google Developers Group (GDG Nairobi) - is open and volunteer geek community who create exciting projects and share experience about Google technologies.

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors
Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors KE

We are a group of campus leaders eager to help our fellow students, create robust tech communities, and develop technical and career skills for the future. Watch more - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJy0HetQpR4zQhDbC4mIfeg


Android254 developer group brings together android developers and enthusiasts to learn about Android technologies, best practices and also hear talks from industry experts.

Nairobi JavaScript Community

Community/user group focused on WEB & RELATED TECHNOLOGIES - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript inclusive of Node.js.

Google Developer Student Clubs
Google Developer Student Club TUK

We are a Community of student developers interested and passionate about Google Technologies | Powered by Google Developers- Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCInCp9Jb5hAvTV6ccJ3L3PA

Nairobi Gophers

This group is for Go Enthusiasts. We aim to create a community around the language and share experiences adopting the language.

Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group

A lively community of GNU/Linux penguin enthusiasts

Nairobi JVM

Nairobi JVM Is a great place to learn about the languages that run on the JVM, (Java, Scala,Clojure,Kotlin,Groovy,JRuby,JPython).

AI Kenya Community

Ai Kenya (https://kenya.ai/) is a group for all enthusiasts, learners and developers in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in general.


Nairuby is a community organization that was started in 2010. The community focuses on development and demonstrations on ruby technologies and frameworks, which are all open source and widely used by startups to prototype and carry out proof of concept with a go to market strategy.

Atlassian Community

Atlassian Community Nairobi encourages better use of Atlassian tools, share best practices, case studies and individual perspectives.

Facebook Developer Cirles

DevC Nairobi is a forum for developers in Nairobi and its surroundings who are interested in building on the Facebook platform to interact and collaborate other developers who share similar interests.

Laravel Nairobi

A meetup for people interested in Laravel and Web App development

GDG Nairobi

GDG is open and volunteer geek community who create exciting projects and share experience about Google technologies with passion.

Yii2 Devs Kenya

Africa Game Developers Community

Anyone interested in building & developing game's as a business!


Community for golang developers in Kenya

PHP Kenya

PHP group for devs and wannabes

Python Kenya

Community for Python developers in Kenya

Payments Overflow KE

Programmers & Developers working with Payments API


A home for Android enthusiasts

Flutter Devs Kenya

Lets talk Flutter, check flutter.dev to get started

Kotlin Kenya

Kotlin language User group

WordPress KE

Sharing tips and tricks about WP and other related stuff

Nairobi GraphQL Meetup

Interested in building API's using GraphQL? Join us and get to learn and share more about GraphQL and get to understand how you can leverage it to build modern and scalable API's that can be consumed by any client; be it a mobile app or web app.

TensorFlow Nairobi

A local community of technologists who are interested in advancing their knowledge of TensorFlow (http://tensorflow.org), its use cases and applications.

Azure Community in Kenya

The Azure Meetup meets, discusses and review all Azure services, solutions and implementations. This is for all professionals in the field of security, devops, infrastructure, support, development, quality, architecture and design, business and/or data of any type or experience level. Calling all beginners, geeks and enthusiasts in the cloud space or those that want to join!.

Product Hunt
ProductHunt Nairobi

A community of makers and hunters building products together

AnitaB.Org Nairobi
AnitaB.Org Nairobi

Local communities that connect women technologists from cities around the world to network and find support & new opportunities.

Angular Kenya

An Angular Kenyan community for budding Software Developers interested in the Angular framework

Hack Club Kenya

A nonprofit network of student-led high school programming clubs to teach beginners to code. Subsidiary of Hack Club

React Native

A telegram group for React Native users

Lepsta Developers Nairobi

We are tech community with activities in 8 cities/chapters (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Maputo, Lagos, Nairobi, Eldoret and Kaduna). Led by entrepreneurs who dream big and contribute to shaping the future. Operated by 6+ Local Leaders driven by bringing positive impact in the future of technology.We connect developers to industry leaders. We learn about the present to prospect the future. To get a bigger chance at having a bigger impact on the future of software development.

Nairobi IPFS

We are a group of people passionate about the decentralized web and excited to learn, teach, and share ideas. Everyone is welcome!

Vue JS Kenya

The community exists for anyone interested in Vue.js -. The goal is to provide monthly meetups where people give talks on Vue.js and related topic

React Developer Community Kenya

A community of react developers using react related technologies in the Kenyan developer ecosystem. We discuss best practices, industry standards and how to help and mentor new developers into the ReactJS eco system

MongoDB Nairobi

This community is for MongoDB users, data scientist/analysts, AI, IoT, backend developers, ML developers, cloud computing and anyone interested in emerging data technologies. MongoDB community is where the world’s fastest-growing data community comes to connect, explore, and learn.


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